Blue Moon!!!

A blog is like a cocktail party. Don’t be a jerk and talk about yourself all the time. 
Good point. So today, let’s talk about … A blue moon!
We are having an opportunity that we “cannot refuse”. Next one will be back in 2018!
In the 31st of July (this year, 2015) there will be an astronomical event! This year will have 13 full moon instead of usual 12. It has nothing to do with a colour of our satellite. Sometimes it is possible to actually see a blue coloured moon, but it is caused by a particular kind of dust in the atmosphere. Dust or smoke particles must be of a certain size; slightly wider than 0.7 micron. The particles scatter the red light making the Moon appear blue in color, this can happen, for instance, after a dust storm, forest fire or a volcanic eruption.
The Astronomical Blue Moon happen either once every two to three years or so, depending on various methods of calculating. 

It can be a the third full Moon in an astronomical season with 4 full Moons (versus the normal 3), or the second full Moon in a month with two full Moons
The next blue moon will be on the 31st of January 2018. 


Partying… again!

My neighbours are partying again. Maybe I should start a party crasher career? Just kidding. Maybe. Now seriously, I guess there are two types: Wild party people and super cool quiet people. I own the second. Romantic dinners, long walks, pop corn and movies – that’s what I do enjoy. I’m not pretending to be what I am not. For me it’s a recipe for a disaster… But… (There is always some “but”)… I also understand that being an introverted type of person makes me loose many opportunities, especially in business. The business is done by people, you need to meet them and talk to them, and spend some time with them… All that in order to allow your business to grow. So maybe it is worth to expand your comfort zone and became a little bit more extroverted?

Some thoughts

Can we change? Can people became a better people that they are now? Sometimes I watch or read a kind of Guru that states: yes you can! (As I am quite non conformist: if you don’t know, teach!) But I am mostly interested in watching or reading a life coach in order to find out some inspiration. To make it clear: I do not believe in everything they say, I just use what they say to question myself. Tonight I was listening to an interview about the comfort zone. And I was thinking about myself. In fact my comfort zone is very tiny. I should work on improving this aspect of my life as it affects it heavily. Many times I stay still and do not know what to do or to say, especially when it is expected that I act in some way. And only after it all passed I find myself with an idea of how should I behave, but it’s too late unfortunately. It’s annoying and frustrating, but can be fixed. 

I should really work on me to get that. And “repetitio est mater studiorum”… Starting from now I am expanding my comfort zone.

optimist vs pessimist

That’s a good question. Who do you think you are? A positive or negative person? Everyone believes that he or she is a good individual in some way… But who we really are?I always thought that I was an optimist. Tried to see the life more colourful that it was. In fact many people said about me that I was a dreamer, but when I changed the country and arrived in a land of joyful people they are telling me that my behaviour is not the one I have always thought… So the point of view depends on the viewing point.

A little bit of everything.

Today is one of those days that even my coffee will need a coffee… These words are so true! Especially today. Last night our neighbours were partying till 4am and we could not sleep at all. Maybe because of my age (37 now), or because I raise a little kid (almost 2), I arrive at the end of the day very exhausted… But the happiness that I see in the eyes of my little son, when we play all day long, is priceless. 

Hot hot hot

Here I am again. Today it was a really hot day. I mean literally. According to a weather guy this summer is the hottest ever! Some people here are fighting back with an air conditioning but I really hate it. The difference between the temperatures outside and inside is too much for me. I do prefer to melt like a chocolate. It is crazy I know, but otherwise I could get sick. Anyway today it was a good day. (That’s called a “positive thinking”).