Some thoughts

Can we change? Can people became a better people that they are now? Sometimes I watch or read a kind of Guru that states: yes you can! (As I am quite non conformist: if you don’t know, teach!) But I am mostly interested in watching or reading a life coach in order to find out some inspiration. To make it clear: I do not believe in everything they say, I just use what they say to question myself. Tonight I was listening to an interview about the comfort zone. And I was thinking about myself. In fact my comfort zone is very tiny. I should work on improving this aspect of my life as it affects it heavily. Many times I stay still and do not know what to do or to say, especially when it is expected that I act in some way. And only after it all passed I find myself with an idea of how should I behave, but it’s too late unfortunately. It’s annoying and frustrating, but can be fixed. 

I should really work on me to get that. And “repetitio est mater studiorum”… Starting from now I am expanding my comfort zone.


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