Babies and mamas 

Today I spoke to a friend about our babies. She asked me if I had any doubts or fears about the delivery and a childcare as well.The answer is yes. Not really about myself, but more about the newborn.

Every new mommy is thinking about her baby, even when he or she is not her first one. It may sound evident but every baby is different. And need different amount of attention, different approach. And you never know the right one in advance. Unfortunately babies don’t arrive with a “user manual” attached. You have to rely on yourself. 

I have to admit that I am lucky: my almost-two yeas baby boy is very quiet and has no health problems. So I am relatively calm. But in my rare moments of panic I simply followed my instinct and the choice done was always the right one. 

My most concern is about the future now. The times are changing so fast. Today is one thing and tomorrow there is a complete different thing. Will my baby find his own place? I really hope so! 


I am back

Hi there. I am back. After a long time of being absent – here I am.

It was a busy period for me and I hope It is going to be better in time.