New year’s resolutions

Here is the list of my resolutions:

– became fit, exercise regularly

– take care about my health: visit a dentist, take vitamins,

– take care about my image: hairdresser and have my nails done

– job! job! job! It must work!

– learn java/coding
The party is over. Let’s get back to the work!


Personal achievements and failures, 2016 summary.

Past year have been tough on me. Many things happened and much more didn’t. It was a real tour de force. Despite hard times I have managed to “survive” quite well during this period. I had some personal satisfaction as well as some displeasures.

5 big achievements:

– do not rush so much, not any more (thanks to nursery! Yay!)

– happy kid

– developed more patience and self-control

– maintained positive mindset

– learned new programming for websites

5 big failures:

– lack of job

– neglected my health

– did not care of myself (beauty and physical form)

– not trying, not pushing enough

inable to silence a fierce inner critic

For the upcoming year I am looking to achieve more tomorrow than I did today and I am striving to improve myself all the time.

Happy 2017!


photo by Kazuend