Newborn needs

Two years ago, at this time I was home with an enormous belly, swollen ancles, backache, leg cramps, indigestion and insomnia. I was expecting my first (and hopefully not last) baby. 

I remember that I tried to figure out what to buy in order to be prepared for the baby. When you are first time mom-to-be you are getting overwhelmed with the “necessary stuff” someone is trying to sell for your baby. 

Few days ago I went to the local baby-store, and I saw some inexperienced pregnant girl buying things she is never going to use…

The truth is that newborns do not need all this fancy, bouncy, squeaky stuff. They need a mammy, few clothes and some diapers. That’s it. 

You can always buy something you need when you really need it later on. That was my personal philosophy. I bought 6 bodies, 6 jumpsuits, a pram/stroller, a car seat and a baby cot. That’s all! The rest wasn’t necessary. We never needed a baby walker or a baby bouncer for example. Do you really need a baby monitor? 

If you consider our generation, our mothers did not have all this fancy equipment and we have grown up well. 


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