Good cop bad cop

Sometimes parents are falling into this trap: being good cop or bad cop. This means taking opposing roles in dealing with children.

A loving and understanding mom in the role of “good” and the rigid and authoritarian father in the role of the “bad”.

It used to work in the past. Every parent had the role he/she wanted: a mother who used to stay at home created a special link with her children and a father that got back home after a long day at work appeared authoritative.

Now it’s a huge mistake. Why?

Because in the long run it impoverishes family relationships. Authoritative parent keeps distance and an understanding one cannot be respected enough.

What is the alternative?

Both parents act as one team. If one says “No”, the other confirms. And no one cracks under child’s pressure, no matter how he or she protests. Both parents result loving and authoritative enough.


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