Lucky parents 

Lucky parents with grandparents.Many people do not realise how lucky they are. They have an option to leave their babies with people they trust most and it’s all free of charge!

Today I went with my toddler to the playground and I saw some grandpas with their grandchildren playing around. And I was so invidious about the parents.

My baby has only one grandmother left and she is living about 1500km away, so she cannot help me to take care for him. She couldn’t help me anyway as she is still working full time. But having some help, even on weekends only, would be nice.

Then I saw a child I know with her babysitter. I thought that it would be difficult for me to leave my baby with such figure. Not because I am overprotective, but I have seen some babysitting behaviour that I didn’t like at all. The adult wasn’t doing what she was paid for. It is really adding an insult to injury. The parents cannot take care for their daughter and they spend a hard cash just to get nothing. Nobody has money to burn, and it’s really annoying that you cannot trust a person who should be reliable.


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